what is the soulful parent revolution?

parenting is by no means an easy job: it is the most important job of all because we are literally raising the future! And Yet we have been conditioned for generations, to reject our true nature by depriving us of our social, emotional & creative intelligence.

The societal traditions we tend to live by are so outdated and many harmful. Despite countless new discoveries, when it comes to living our best lives and raising competent children, we are still predominantly living in the dark ages. I am a firm believer that things need to change in order for us to align with our human evolution and reach our full, authentic potential.

The soulful parent revolution is for those who desire to BREAK FREE from dysfunctional society norms. For the parents & guardians who want to raise better humans and make a more positive difference in the world.

It is for the ‘outcasts’, the ‘black sheep’, the quirky and the ‘outlandish’:

~ you may be a single parent

~ you may home school your kids

~ you may be raising kids to be vegan

~ you may have more kids than ‘average’

~ you may have adopted or are fostering kids

~ perhaps you or your child is wired differently

~ you may have kids with the same sex/a non-binary partner

~ you may be parenting in a non traditional romantic relationship

~ or perhaps you are just drawn to alternative parenting methods

 Whatever the case, if you can relate to ANY of these things, this is definitely the space for YOU!

During my healing & recovery journey, I came to recognize the only way to truly live the joyful life we all so desire is by living AUTHENTICALLY. 

Now I suspect you’ll be thinking ‘I do’, and I too thought the same, until I realized society essentially drills it out of us as we develop from a new born baby, into a fully grown adult.

On this journey of life, we each lose sight of our intuition, we deny our truth through fear of judgement, we reject unpleasant feelings and we are bombarded with external expectations: most education systems teach children they must obey and most adults teach children they must do exactly as they say or live a certain way.

We as a human race have lived through patriarchy, racism, slavery, homophobia, weight discrimination, speciesm and war: to name a few. It is my belief that these things have occurred due to the lack of freedom to live as we truly are.

We have come together as a community on a huge scale many times to put a stop to such harmful behaviours and things like CHILDREN’S AUTONOMY AND EMOTIONAL SAFETY still hasn’t quite made the cut as a priority…

Well I say NO MORE!

My mission is to put an end to unnecessary suffering through challenging outdated parenting strategies, so children can bloom into happy, confident & kind adults.

we are spiritual be-ings of unconditional love.

We've spent too long hiding: It's time we took action to live as our soulful self, regardless of what others may think!