Caralisa - England

"I worked with Luna in her 1-2-1 programme and every session I learnt something new. Her coaching style and methods are amazing. Luna was always calm and supportive and made me feel so comfortable whilst navigating through the difficulties I have had with emotional intelligence. Being a mom of 5, Luna had tools and methods that I've been able to apply in our daily lives for all of my children's individual needs. Working with Luna has shown me that being the mother I dream of being is possible and I am so grateful for her help, support and knowledge in helping me to achieve this! If you are considering working with her, you will not regret it."

Cassie - Australia

"Before I found Luna, I was struggling to keep my cool: I was angry all the time, I was yelling at every bedtime and just wanted to give up and walk away. I knew that wasn't the best course of action for the kids, so I went about finding some help, which is when I found Luna and everything changed. I started to see the things that were standing in my way: my unmet emotions & unfulfilled personal needs, all because I thought I had to sacrifice everything for the kids. Thanks to Luna, I have learned to look after myself and the kids and meet everyone's needs. I have managed to stop yelling so much (I don't yell except for on the odd occasions now) and I now take time to acknowledge I have feelings that need to be expressed. I am a lot calmer, I am stronger and I am making time for myself to make me feel like me again. Bedtime for me was the hugest nightmare. My eldest took 2-3hrs to get to sleep: there was yelling, crying, screaming and intense frustration from both of us. Gradually as I learned how to centre myself, the yelling and crying stopped and bedtime has become half an hour long which is an incredible difference! We now read 2 books, sing 2 songs, then my daughter closes her eyes and goes to sleep. It has been an amazing change. Luna is amazing and I have truly loved our time together."

Jaysen - South Africa

"I found Luna at a definite crossroad in my life. Having just started a demanding job, dealing with the end of a long term relationship and in the thick of a court battle to gain custody of my children, I had a lot of things going on, and no idea where to start. Luna provided me with a framework to start building my life back up again. She helped me to set goals, provided me with resources to assist with my personal growth, and gave me the tools to make the changes I needed, in order to bring my two children home. More than anything, Luna is someone I can trust to be honest and understanding. She understands that self-improvement is a journey and she is there for me when I stumble; to help keep me motivated and focused on my goals. My life is better in almost every way for having her in it. My children (age 6 & 13) now live with me, after 2 years of being in Foster care. I will always be thankful for the guidance and coaching Luna gave me."

Lizzie - England

"I had a session with Luna in regards to my son's emotions and his understanding. Luna was great, not once did I feel patronised. She was really friendly and made me feel at ease. I felt listened to and understood. We talked through things: I gave her some background information and she gave me some really helpful tools and great insights. Some of the tools were something my son and I could do together. Luna didn't use jargon or make things complicated, which made so much difference. We are using the tools given and it's really helping. My son is coming to me more and telling me when he feels certain triggers or emotions and he talks more about his feelings. That is amazing progress already and I'm so pleased that I came to Luna for support. Thank you Luna!"

Joana - England

"There isn't enough words to describe how important Luna has become in my life. She helped me form an active social life when I felt isolated, and above all, helped me with my preteen daughter. Luna's knowledge and experience in child education is very broad. She educates children appropriately according to their age with respect, love, empathy and positive discipline; I was pleased to discover we had these values in common. Luna also has a wide understanding in regards to relationships. Whenever I have had problems in my love life, Luna has been my source of council without being biased towards me. I know she understands me, and even though I have studied healthy relationships and boundaries myself, Luna keeps surprising me at how helpful she can be and how good she is in putting her knowledge into practise."