Personal 1-2-1 Program

i know you've been dreaming of being the best parent!

you want to successfully raise happy, confident & kind kids. it is absolutely possible for you!

With my guidance, you will:

~ gain more confidence in your parenting abilities

~ learn effective discipline strategies

~ create a more peaceful household

become more comfortable with negative emotions

balance your time & duties in a way that works for you

build a stronger parent-child relationship

~ gain more positive family experiences

~ succeed in preparing your child for their best chance of a happy & successful future

together we will create a more peaceful, calm and loving environment in your household!

you will gain skills to manage: 

feelings of stress, fear, guilt & overwhelm

~ unwanted patterns of behaviour

~ child tantrums & meltdowns

~ child misbehaviour & power struggles

~ challenging family members

~ difficult conversations & conflict

~ maintaining healthy boundaries

I offer a personal 1:1 program tailored to meet your parenting needs and desires. During our sessions, we will work together to overcome any family related difficulties you may be facing. These can be related to your own personal struggles that effect your role as a parent/guardian or can be child orientated.

This program includes TEN sessions (of up to 90 minutes each).

My coaching and mentorship predominantly includes: gentle parenting strategies, journaling and nature.

NEW: I also offer the option to have a one off 1:1 session (this option is ideal if you are facing minor challenges or just want a booster session after having worked with me before).

video call is required to ensure we would make a good fit.

if you are a parent/guardian of a child age 2 - 7 years
and can relate to any of these points, i invite you to book a no obligations video call with me via zoom/skype: