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Introducing Feelimals! My original cute animal characters were created to help children learn to regulate their big emotions (anger, sadness, fear and excitement) in a safe & healthy way.

When your child is able to express their emotions freely:

~ meltdowns become less frequent

~ your household becomes more joyful

~ your child is less likely to develop mental health issues

~ your parent-child relationship becomes stronger!

Emotional intelligence skills are a crucial part of child development and yet unfortunately, in society it is not prioritized as it should be. My mission is to change that.

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FYI: Feelimals are suitable for children age 3 – 7 years, however some 2 year olds are able to grasp the concept.

I created this guide to encourage children to eat and to help children build a healthy relationship with food.

This is an area that lies close to my heart due to my own personal struggles. For years, I battled an unhealthy relationship with food and it’s become a part of my mission to help families not have to go through the same struggles I have. 

I have helped MANY children overcome their anxiety to try new foods and enjoy mealtimes instead, so I am really excited to share this NEW resource with you! You can get your FREE copy inside our family community group on Facebook. 

Please note: if you or your child is severely struggling with food, please seek professional help. I am not a food/nutritional specialist or a therapist.