My Personal Story…

I grew up in a dysfunctional household. It wasn’t until my mid twenties, that I came to know how much of a negative impact my upbringing had on me. despite my deepest desire to be different from my parents, the same unhealthy behaviours I witnessed growing up had become ingrained in me and in return, it left me hindered and unprepared for the realities of life and childcare.
I was raised by two emotionally unavailable parents (one of which I believe has Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and it led me to suffer from symptoms of complex PTSD, codependency, DEPRESSION AND MANY FORMS OF anxiety. This interfered many times with my ability to effectively care for children, as WELL AS DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN healthy relationships.
In 2018, I finally made the plunge to seek help in order to heal from my childhood traumas and I became proactive in reprogramming my brain, so I could break generational cycles. I made a vow to become more mindful, authentic and compassionate, so I could be a better role model for the children in my care and give KIDS a better chance of growing up to be happy and emotionally healthy. Through my success, it became my life purpose to provide service to guide and support PARENTS just like you, to create a better future for you and your children!

I have 12+ years of experience in childcare, professionally and voluntarily.

more About me:

~ Trauma Informed

~ HSP & Empath with a Rainforest Mind

~ Vegan Activist

~ Intuitive Eater

~ Free Spirited

~ Pagan Witch

~ Demi-sexual

~ Minimilist

~ Truth Seeker

~ ‘Wild Child’

~ Feminist

~ Auntie 

~ Writer

~ Performer

~ Bookworm

~ Romantic

~ Organization Freak

~ Artist & Crafter

Adventure Enthusiast

~ Medieval Fantasy Fan

~ Lover of architecture, fashion & interior design

~ Psychology Buff


"I met Luna when she walked into Folkestone Wellbeing Centre. She immediately got involved with the groups and activities there: putting lots of energy into her personal growth journey. I have watched her grow, not only in herself, but in her desire to help others do the same and I have witnessed her stretch her boundaries and explore new horizons - all with the aim of supporting people to develop and be the best they can be. While involved with the centre, she delivered an 'Action for Happiness' course, ran 4 weekly groups for 'Veganuary', took on the position of Secretary for our charitable organisation 'Champions 4 Wellbeing', ran 'Happy Hub' workshops and engaged in lots of training and group work.

I love her positivity, her drive, her thirst for knowledge and her ability to reflect on her own and others' behaviour."
"I coached and trained Luna for over a year in my Journal Journey Program.

i first met luna when She enthusiastically attended my 'Freedom of Choice' day workshop. she has since been a speaker in two of my 'Mind Body Soul' virtual summits.

Luna is very passionate about her work with families in helping them bloom. She's a professional with heart, and her own journey in life has given her experience and understanding."
"I've watched luna grow from someone who struggled through life's challenges, to someone who now values her experiences and thinks with a more positive outlook on life. Luna listens well and has always advised me when I didn't know which path to choose; she helps me to see things from another point of view, in a way I may not have considered before, which enables me to think more clearly. She is a true inspiration and an influential role model. I think by watching her grow, it has helped me to see my own potential and she has shown me it's possible to outgrow bad habits and learn from past experiences. She taught me that you have to do things you don't like, especially things involving adaptation to change, which is scary for a lot of people - teaching me that if I don't try, I will never know.

Thank you Luna for all the support you've given me and continue to give."
close friend


2x speaker


founding host