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(Suitable for parents of children age 2 - 7 years)

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How Can Feelimals Help Your Family?

My original cute animal characters were created to help children learn to regulate their big emotions (anger, sadness, fear and excitement) in a safe & healthy way. When you use them consistently, your child’s emotions will become far more manageable and in turn, your household will become far less chaotic!

When your child is able to express their emotions freely:

~ tantrums & meltdowns become less frequent

~ your household becomes more peaceful

~ your child is less likely to develop mental health issues

~ your parent-child relationship becomes stronger

~ your child will grow up happier, kinder and more confident

Emotional intelligence skills are a crucial part of child development and yet unfortunately, in society it is not prioritized as it should be. My mission is to change that.

What's Included In The Feelimals e-pack?

You will receive a printable child friendly e-pack. It is ideal for children age 3 – 7 years (but some 2 year olds may be able to grasp the concept), and it can be used with or without adult supervision.

Inside, you will find:

* Feelimals Posters – with up to 7 ‘calm down’ strategies for each emotion (anger, sadness, scared & excited)  

* Portable Feelimal Cards – a simple tool you can use outside the home to help manage big emotions in public

* Colouring Pages (one for each Feelimal & one with all Feelimals) – ideal for keeping your child entertained whilst you get on with your household duties

* Two table top games (which can be adapted to meet your child’s individual needs) – great for helping you build your bond

~ Valued at £97 ~

First 13 Buyers Get A Special Offer

* Get Yours For ONLY £24.99 *

What Will You Gain From The Workshop?

I created this interactive workshop for parents just like you, so you can get a better handle on your child’s tantrums and meltdowns. All you need is something to write with and on, and the willingness to take action to make changes in your family life.


~ you will learn how to manage your child’s unruly behaviour

~ you will discover how to prevent a tantrum from turning into a meltdown


~ you will be shown how to build a stronger bond with your child

~ you will develop more confidence in your own parenting abilities

What's Included In The Interactive Workshop?

You will gain access to a pre-recorded interactive workshop to give your child the best start in life, so you can go back and watch is as many times as you need. 

The video is divided up into five sections, so you can easily go at your own pace:

* Section 1 – tantrums vs meltdowns

* Section 2 – understanding your child

* Section 3 – preventing meltdowns

* Section 4 – teaching emotion regulation

* Section 5 – managing misbehaviour

* Valued at £97 *

First 13 Buyers Get A Special Offer

~ Get Yours For ONLY £24.99 ~

You Got Questions/Concerns? I Got Answers!

Who Is The Feelimals Megapack Suitable For?

The Feelimals Megapack is suitable for parents/guardians of children age 2 – 7 years old. Feelimals themselves were designed for children age 3 – 7 years old, however some two year olds can grasp the concept. 

In case you’re wondering, yes, it can also be used for those with neurodivergent children.

How Long Will The Interactive Workshop Take To Complete?

The workshop is approximately 45 minutes long. It is divided into sections so if you are struggling to find the time to watch it, you can do so in small increments. It is recommended however that you watch all the way through at least once to get the full impact and understanding. You will have access to the workshop for life, so you can choose whenever you want to make watching and implementing the workshop a priority.

I want this product, But I Am Struggling Financially Right Now.

I created this product with low income households in mind. The price may seem like a lot for some, but if you are honest with yourself, I bet there are some luxuries you could afford to let go of this month. Are you buying coffee every morning? Are you are aimlessly buying new clothes/toys when your kid already has plenty? 

Remember you were drawn to this product because you are feeling stressed & exhausted and you are desperate for change. Investing in your family is worth far more than any material possessions you may desire!


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